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Still as depressed as ever. After that, I told Mel everything that had happened, and everything that is going on currently. I told her how the ones who decided not to follow the new [Sovereign], that Mel had appointed to lead Phrasia, had picked up the secret art to cross dimensions that Mel had discarded before she left and gained that power for themselves.

How Ende and Rize had been crossing worlds together with her, watching over and supporting her from the shadows. And how, upon arriving in my world, Yura started plotting something nefarious after obtaining a new power for himself, and the Phrase too faced the threat of the variants.

I did say something unnecessary. The one with the most responsibilities here would, no doubt, be those stalker-ish guys that have been following her all along.

The Phrase are our enemies after all. Should I kill her? Or seal her away forever?

Top 10 Isekai Light Novels [Best Recommendations]

In the end, I still want to do something about Melthough. I wonder how Yumina thinks about this, on the other hand. As if pushing my feelings from behind, her upturned heterochromatic eyes stared straight at mine. Please save that person.

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We will help you however we could, too. Well, I already knew that, but still. If you find Ende -san, please smack him once in the head hard. Absolutely no good. Quite a bit.

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That will be all for the treatment of Mel for now. She might be able to sort herself out in time, after all. I can trust his words the most among the gods currently on the ground.

The two worlds will just be connected while staying next to each other. Once the merging is complete, the appearance rates of the evil god or its dependants from within the dimensional gap would skyrocket. Since that new world would have lost the protection of the World God -sama.

The variants can strengthen themselves by absorbing the regular Phrases. Thinking that you need to do everything by yourself, that could become the deciding reason for your failure, you know? The seeds you have sowed in this world have already budded, grown beautiful flowers, and are now fruits that have ripened.

You have nothing to fear from the likes of an evil god. As expected of a god related to the earth, the God of Agriculture.The ability to start fresh in a new setting or have a chance at becoming a hero seems like an intriguing ideal.

Since we loved isekai works so much, we decided to forge for you beautiful souls our Top 10 Isekai Light Novels recommendations list. Well using our own knowledge of the theme as well as seeing how fans reacted to various works let us shape this incredible isekai light novels list. Magic Bullet in Magic Land. Having seemingly been transported into the game for some unknown reason, Watari will need to rely on his skills in the game to have a chance at surviving to find out how he got inside the game in the first place.

With demi-human girls and a large battlefield awaiting Watari, his life with in the game is about to be a very chaotic and interesting experience. Isekai light novels usually have protagonists thrown into games without any reason. Luckily for us author Karima Ken alongside illustrator Sinsora have crafted an isekai work that is fun and exciting in the form of Magic Bullet in Magic Land.

Action, cute girls and plenty of fantasy based gunfights makes Magic Bullet in Magic Land an enjoyable read and definitely a good starting point for our Top 10 Isekai Light Novels list. High Schooler Misumi Makoto ends up having a very peculiar event befall him. Misumi is summoned into another world by a god called Tsukuyomi. According to this god, Misumi is needed to be a new hero for this world! Usually heroes that are summoned to a new world should be admired by their peers.

Strong narrative, well-placed comedic moments and a spicing of other elements make Tsuki ga Michibiku Isekai Douchuu worthy of our isekai light novels list truly.

Our main protagonist—in the form of a 34 year old NEET—has been hit by the worst luck. Luckily, it seems that our NEET has gotten a second chance in the form of being reincarnated into a new body. Going by the name Rudeus Greyrat, he is about to learn that he was born into in a body capable of using spells at a highly skilled level.

Cool action and a brilliant adventure await anyone who is ready to pick up Mushoku Tensei and try it out.

Web Novel/List of Story Arcs

Life abruptly ended for poor Touya Mochizuki. Luckily for young Touya, he is taken by God directly upon death and told that he was killed by complete accident.

Why is it lucky you may ask? Touya is about to enter a strange new world where he will face new adventures and meet new people all with his new and improved smartphone. Besides the word isekai being in its title, Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni aims to deliver a fun comedy adventure filled with some unique takes on the isekai theme.

The idea of bringing a super powered cellphone seems ridiculous but thanks to author Usatsuka Eiji the narrative works quite well.

In A Different World With A Smartphone

We were hooked by the fun narrative and cool characters that make Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni so appealing for each volume. Let us also mention that Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni has just released an anime series which is very impressive and has done the light novel adaptation justice so far.

For one unnamed otaku, his life is focused on work and model robots. When the unnamed otaku gets hit by a car and is killed it seems as if his days of enjoying model robots has come to an abrupt end. However, instead of finding himself dead, this otaku reawakens in a new world as a young boy by the name of Ernesti Echevalier or simply Eru.

Eru in this world is a powerful magic user and very quick witted. It also appears that in this new world there exist giant robots known as Silhouette Knights that can be piloted by anyone capable of using them. Eru now has the chance to not just simply build a mech but be able to ride on in Knights and Magic. The beauty of the isekai genre is that you can attach almost anything to it.

Stories about swords and magic, can be done. Stories about giant robots being piloted by a very androgynous young male, also be done. Knights and Magic is a fun mecha isekai light novel with plenty of cool fights and some rather interesting characters.

Heroes summoned from other worlds usually are loved and praised in their new worlds. While his allies are given cool legendary weapons, Iwatani is given a shield making him seen by the others as useless and unneeded.

Thrown out of the kingdom and left in this new world, Iwatani is filled with rage at his predicament.Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for your amazing encouragements and support rooting me on!

I do read every single one of your comments, and I truly, truly appreciate it! For anyone new here, I will be translating the free Re:Zero Web Novel to continue the story after the ending of the Anime.

Start reading here after Episode 25! If you're new here, welcome!! If you catch any typos while reading please let me know! All rights belong to the original author, Nagatsuki Tappei. This is a translation of the free Japanese Web Novel into English. I'm sorry, everyone. I've put Patreon donations on pause while I couldn't work on the translations. I've been very sick for the past few weeks. Maybe I've let the stress of all my life changes get to me, or maybe my body just isn't used to the new environment.

I couldn't sleep, and the same infection just keeps coming back until I couldn't remember what it feels like to be well anymore. I am feeling better now, but I will keep Patreon donations paused for April as well. Don't worry, I haven't given up on Re:Zero.

isekai webnovel

Not until it's done. Blog at WordPress. Featured 1, Featured March 22, February 13, January 20, January 16, January 10, January 8, January 2, An average person wakes up to find themself in a world unlike their own… and yet one that is also strangely familiar. Their new world is one of monsters and magic, usually inspired by medieval England, like something out of a fantasy-themed roleplaying game. And that would be unsurprising, given how popular that genre has become among today's light novel and web novel authors.

Isekai light novels have been around for as long as light novels as a distinct category of literature have existed that is, the 90s. Ironically, one of the most influential novels of the genre is not considered a representative example by its own author. SAO is set in the real world! There are a few things that make isekai stories appealing to write for young authors.

The tropes are well-worn and established; you can safely assume that your reader has played Dragon Quest or some other fantasy JRPG, so you don't have to go into much detail describing the monsters or the aesthetic of the world.

The general quality of web novels is what you'd expect from amateur fiction posted online. Although there are some gems, the majority of what you'll find is poorly written.

The worst isekai stories are simply dry and boring. They read like game logs for a game that doesn't exist and sounds generic anyway. To make matters worse, entire chapters are dedicated to the protagonist level-grinding or obtaining skills that are completely irrelevant to the overall plot.

This is also the worst thing about the provocatively titled Slave Harem in the Labyrinth of the Other Worldwhich is too dull to even be offensive. It's a story where the protagonist buys girls as slaves and has sex with them, but it takes ages for any sex to happen because the protagonist spends every chapter level-grinding in a dungeon and narrates his exploits like a drone.

Any sex that does happen concludes after roughly a sentence, which makes you wonder which fetish this story actually appeals to. Mushoku Tensei is infamous for being the most self-indulgent of self-indulgent power fantasies, but the protagonist is born into the fantasy world as a literal baby, and it takes many years for him to reach the peak of his powers. Likewise, the protagonist of Arifureta spends an entire volume struggling with life-or-death situations as the weakest member of his class, but it's satisfying to see him curbstomp everything forever after.

These types of stories do eventually outstay their welcome, but I think of power fantasies as less of a bug and more of a feature in this genre space. In short, if you're opposed to reading self-indulgent works that glorify their protagonists, you probably aren't going to like many of the titles that have come out of the current isekai boom.

Fortunately, bad light novels can be improved by their anime adaptations. In the first version of this article, I criticized The Rising of the Shield Hero for also being written like a boring game log, but the anime cuts a lot of the menial details and gets straight to the plot. I also think that No Game No Life 's anime is a significant improvement on its source material.

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On the other hand, well-written light novels receive shoddy adaptations sometimes, which can hurt the novel's reputation. So let it go on the record that an anime adaptation isn't always a true indication of the original novel's quality. Not all isekai light novels have to be so stereotypical. Some of the standout series in recent memory don't make things easy for their protagonists at all. Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and Re:Zero in particular are famous for this. In later volumes, both series also make the worldbuilding and the mystery of why the characters were sent to another world key plot points, which adds a layer of depth and immersion to the plot.

Nor do isekai fantasies always have to focus on male viewpoints. The 12 Kingdoms is a classic which came out at around the same time as other hugely influential shojo isekai fantasy manga and anime series like Magic Knight RayearthFushigi Yugiand The Vision of Escaflowne.

One of my favorite light novels with a female protagonist is Babel, which is about a university student who travels around the fantasy world to understand why she can speak the same language as everyone there. Today, female-oriented light novels are rife with stories about girls who end up in another world and attracting the attention of various handsome men.

I'm partial to the more down-to-earth tale of Accomplishments of the Duke's Daughterwhich is about a girl who starts off her new life in the middle of the bad end of an otome game, and immediately sets out to prove her worth as an independent woman. The isekai genre is also ripe for social commentary, since the stories are often about people disillusioned with their previous lives before they get sent to another world.

The Witch of Tata won the most recent Dengeki Taisho because of its intelligent dissection of Japanese millennial problems. By their nature, isekai stories present a clash of cultures, and the better novels explore the implications of this in depth.

Outbreak Company uses its premise of a Japanese otaku evangelizing anime and manga in a fantasy world to comment on cultural imperialism.Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. List of Story Arcs. Character Introduction. Categories :.

Called to Another World. Death, and Resurrection. Waking, and Another World. Change Clothes, and Ten Gold Coins. Inn, and First Meal. Twin, and The End of The Day. Guild, and Weapon Shop. First Battle, and First Reward. Magic, and Aptitude. Attribute, and Movement Magic. Stirring, and Vanilla Ice. Travelling Companion. First Journey, and Samurai. Ornate Hairpin, and Attraction. Summon Magic, and Recovery Magic.

Young Woman, and Escort Request. Royal Capital, and Ducal Mansion. Medal, and Viscount Mansion. Match, and Record Playback. Shopping, and Imperfect Product. Moving, and Return. Trust, and Request Completion.

isekai webnovel

Crystal Monster. Rain, and Shougi Board. Headless Knight, and Ruins.Action War Realistic History.

Escaping To A Better Place - Fantasy World - Chapter 1 - Isekai Genre Novel - Updated Chapter

Inspiring Cooking Slice-of-Life. Novels ranking Comics ranking Fan-fic ranking. It's like pokemon. But the monsters are trying to kill you. It's up to you to decide which books will be translated! Please support the ones you love! Ye Lingchen was a regular high schooler who struggled with exams and expectations from his parents.

All that changed after he woke up from a strange dream and discovered that he had been granted the 'Prodigy System'. His life changed from this point on. Reading a book allowed him to learn its content immediately.

isekai webnovel

Listening to lectures granted instant understanding of the lesson. Observation of a technique imprinted knowledge of the technique used. Learning had never been so easy, and as the saying goes, knowledge is power. In this case, he now had access to a ton of unbridled power.

What does it feel like to become a 'prodigy' overnight? Follow Ye Lingchen on this journey to discover the limitless possibilities What's next?

Vote for the book that you want to read! In a series of misfortune and fortune, Tian Long found the Death Book while he led his life in captivity and misery. Using the Death Book, he not only managed to free himself but also found a ticket to the cultivation world he first thought to be nothing but a fantasy.

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Having no more attachments towards Earth, he decides to live to the best of his life in the new cultivation world, becoming strong while following his heart, exerting effort on whatever he thinks is right! Follow his adventures and journey to become the Divine Emperor of Death in the cultivating world! Cover is not mine, so if you want it taken down, please message me.Discussion in ' I'm Looking For Log in.

Novel Updates Forum. Tags: fantasy harem isekai romance. PisteuoJan 12, GrimVeilRulePisteuo and Jarrow like this. OverlordPotatoJan 12, GrimVeilRule and Yakuson like this. Arifureta Road to Kingdom. KurotsubakiJan 12, LurkingJan 12, TolazytothinkJan 12, GrimVeilRule likes this. All mighty AsianJan 12, S4TY4Jan 12, Not sure if it's long but he takes a little while before MC accepts the other women.

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He got a good reason as : before he confessed to a girl friend he was close with but she rejected him saying she only wants to be friends and the distance between them grew and it happened twice so now he is cautious about the closeness of girls. Isekai Nonbiri Nouka go read the manga all the women in the village are in his harem and have sex with them because the males are too young, dwarves that are not interested, and lizardmen that can't have sex God of Illusions someone said it's funny like A Will Eternal I Became the Demon Lord so I Created a Dungeon and Spend Heartwarming Time There with Non-Human Girls don't know why people put the tag harem because MC is only interested in best girl dragon loli, the feelings between them are pretty obvious and damn this novel is heartwarming Mr.

It contains NTR at the beginning and one more time later. Childhood girl friend of MC goes kill demon king with hero.

When they comes back, MC see her french kissing hero and flee the country to OP death mountain. Sadly no one translate it. Akashic Records of the Bastard Magical Instructor go watch the anime Sword Art Online no comments, but yeah tagged harem only because women are close and in love with MC even though he ends up in couple with only one girl Tsuyokute New Saga WN read the manga Skill Up with Login Bonus a not bad story Mushoku Tensei Redundancy an after-story novel for Mushoku Tenseialso the half-sister maid of MC had sex with the son of MC and eloped with him, MC caught them later and they later have a son it gave me a NTR feeling because i wanted her to ends up with MC also it really give a bad feeling to see the daughters of MC being in love with others like seeing a love interest with someone else.

The chapters about the love story of the half-sister maid were deleted, in place we gets some insinuation about them eloping because MC say in a dialogue that he search for her.

After the torture, the guy is basically crippled and i think he didn't had long to live. Tsuru55Jan 12, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password?

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